Designing with a level of care and craft delivers objects and spaces that evoke personal connection to art, story and community. 



Carnation, Washington






Craft is at the heart of the work of Olson Kundig and the connection and opportunity to meet and collaborate with various craftspeople was a special part of the relationship we had with the project. Custom casework and interior and exterior steel architectural elements as well as fixtures and design elements became an opportunity for our family to connect with artisans in the community who ultimately became part of the story of our home. These relationships continue today and the stories of making and connecting and design live with us every day. The relationships with the makers continue with future phase development of our project. 





The right people care and love working on meaningful work. They will go above and beyond if they sense appreciation and care for the craft they bring to your project and to one of the biggest investments you are making, your home. Respect and empower those relationships and the outcome of the work will amaze you. The relationships we made with craftspeople working on intricate details and the time and attention we put into visiting their shop and learning more about the process creating a deeper connection to the objects and experiences we ultimately get to appreciate everyday in our home. The passion and love people have for their job and the desire to share the contribution they make to your project will be one of the most memorable parts of the journey. Take care and empower those relationships and they will do wonders for the experience you ultimately have in your home. In many cases, those relationships last long after you get the keys and move in. In our experience we met knew friends and collaborators and also had the opportunity to invite craftspeople and designers from our own network to contribute special touches to the project whether it was signage or commissioned art that documented the experience. A chimney flu is necessary but it can also be crafted and a piece of art and beyond function can be something that is a celebrated part of the design. Treasure the details. 



Go on site tours of studios and shops where critical elements of your project are being crafted off-site. Make connections with the people contributing to the ultimate experience of your project. Take care of the crew on site and engage and participate in the process. The more connected the more invested you are in the process and the outcome. With the exception of off-the-shelf parts and appliances everything is really an original. Part of the beauty of design is creating those objects and moments that improve over time. Learn the back stories of the extended crew and inquire about their stories. These are the connections that will be long lasting and overtime you have those connections with the things that are made or crafted for your project you will most likely remember that interactions you had with their creators and those connections will bring the most meaning. 



Craft is everywhere. From commissioned details and fixtures to the way concrete is formed, steel is bent and formed, casework comes together. Craft is in forestry and landscape. Craft is experience meets care and detail. A deep appreciate for the trades will bring unexpected moments of craft in areas of the project you didn't even imagine possible. And day to day experiencing the spaces you will discover craft in the most unexpected detail that will continue to deliver moments of joy for a lifetime in your project.