Art, craft and design of a modern architectural dwelling in the Pacific Northwest designed by Olson Kundig


Photo by Gabe Border



Maxon House documents the story collaborating with Olson Kundig on a private residence set on 21+ forested acres in the Pacific Northwest. The story chronicles the entire experience from concept to design and construction in partnership with countless craftspeople. We share stories, insights and resources about the project, highlight the people and contributions from key project collaborators and discuss the approach to the project with considerations on the site and careful planning about the place where everything came together. 

Photo by  Mason Coberly

Photo by Mason Coberly

“I have fallen in love with the building the Maxon House series and the documentary-like posts about siting and the process”

— James weber (architecture student) via dwell magazine


The inspiration for Maxon House began with Princeton Architectural Press and the release of Tom Kundig : Houses. A collection of detailed stories and insights on five selected projects designed by Tom Kundig in sketches and photographs was the catalyst for our architecture search and ultimate collaboration with Olson Kundig.

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Photo by Gabe Border



Inspire, educate and inform future architecture adventures regardless of
scale, cost or complexity. Act as a an ongoing resource for potential owners to ask questions, learn more and access resources to apply to their own projects. Share stories and dream big. 


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Our story has resonated with countless visitors to the site who have shared stories of their own projects, asked questions about how to get started and benefitted from insights and resources posted on the site. The project has been featured in Dwell magazine with a 26-week blog and we have over 135,00 visitors to the site and countless fans of the project who have followed from the beginning. 

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